"We must tell this story where it began and ensure a legacy that we can all appreciate. San Antonio is Awesome, especially for its history which is weaved into the fabric for all of us to enjoy."

- Roberto C. Treviño, The Rivard Report, December 17th, 2013.

What We've Done

During my tenure as District 1 Councilman, we've united as a multidimensional team, our stories, insights, and talents acting together towards proactive, sustainable community change.

Policy is only as valuable as its execution.

I am dedicated to the privilege of serving our community. Here are a few examples of our accomplishments so far:

What We Can Do

In a city of diverse industry and culture, we must continue as fellow stakeholders to propel community growth while preserving aspects of our history that bolster San Antonio's potential for world-class success.

What Matters to Me

I have been an active resident of San Antonio for almost twenty years, serving on a number of boards and committees prior to my time in city hall. As District 1's City Councilman, I pave the path for change through community empowerment.

I trust my neighbors to provide holistic feedback on projects and policies with extensive reach and broad implications. San Antonio, with its commercial resources and emerging businesses, holds great promise for further growth.

By incorporating the legacy of our past into future initiatives, we nurture our city's potential and enable it to blossom as a dignified home for all. Through openness, invention, and community involvement, I commit to serving a city where all residents know they are valuable, respected stakeholders.

Our Focus

In the News

San Antonio council approves $830 million in bond projects

From San Antonio Express-News, January 19th, 2017: $830 million in proposed bond projects received unanimous approval from City Councilmembers Thursday afternoon. Councilman Treviño praises this longterm development, as bond projects seek to revitalize neighborhoods and provide affordable housing through the engagement of community residents. He views the bond as multifaceted in its concerns for cultural preservation and public safety, including pedestrian hazards across the city’s busiest streets.

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Brackenridge Park: ‘We’re Not Going to Do This Without You’

From The Rivard Report, January 17th, 2017: Many residents expressed feeling left out of the planning process since the draft was created before community input was collected. “This is our way of building back trust with what we’re doing,” Treviño said. “What I said at the meeting is, ‘We’re not going to do this without you.’”

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Proposal to ban chaining up dogs

From News 4 San Antonio, January 18th, 2017: Councilman Treviño pushes for additions to city ordinance that not only mandate more space for dogs and other pets, but a time restriction on tethering not to exceed 14 hours. He strongly opposes chain link tethering, advocating the humane treatment of animals as part of San Antonio’s value system.

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